Our accounting software has been specifically developed for business owners and provides a simple, reliable, and efficient accounting solution. With our software, you can easily and quickly manage your bookkeeping, create customized reports, manage your documents, and more. We have put particular emphasis on making our software user-friendly for non-accountants. The Zero Accounting system "learns" the most important booking processes and makes them available for recurring bookings. Documents can be scanned directly and linked to corresponding bookings, making document management and retrieval easier.

Example project

Not everyone is a born accountant, but you will see that even accounting can be fun when you see results immediately. Determining business results is important. With your own bookkeeping, you can quickly get evaluations.

There are various general books on the subject of accounting that you should use as additional information.

You are welcome to use the program for free. Just download and get started. Of course, you may have questions, suggestions for improvement, feature requests or error messages. Please feel free to contact us via email at

If you would like to support us, you can register to receive a licensed version of Zero-Buchhaltung with some additional features, such as importing and exporting of accounting data and chart of accounts.

Version 4

The program requires one of the Windows operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11).


To start the download of the free freeware version, click on the following link: Version 4.2.18, 03/17/2024

The setup program will guide you through the necessary steps for installation.

When the Zero Accounting program is launched, users are prompted to provide the location of the license file, which is sent via email to registered users upon completion of the registration process. However, the program can also be started in a freeware version without the need for a license file. If desired, the prompt for the license file can be disabled. Despite certain limitations in the area of exporting and importing, the freeware version is fully operational and enables proper bookkeeping. The license file can also be submitted at a later time.

Limitations of the Freeware version

  • No import of booking data from external programs.
  • No export of booking data for external programs
  • No import of a chart of accounts
  • No export of the chart of accounts

In the process, the accounting program will be transferred to your computer. The download includes a chart of accounts based on Datev SKR04 and an example accounting. Additional charts of accounts can be found further down on this page.

You can either save the file on your computer and call it up later, or run it directly. If you want to update an old version of Zero Accounting, you can simply "reinstall" the program.

Additional Downloads

  • Manual Manual for the zero-accounting program

Additional chart of accounts

The zero-accounting program already contains a number of chart of accounts that you can use. Here are a few additional chart of accounts that you can use as an alternative. To save, right-click on the link and select "Save target as...". In the zero-accounting program, you can then use the file with "File/Open".

Get started

For a quick start to the program, you can view step-by-step instructions:

Open homepage

Open the zero-Buchhaltung homepage first:

Select the link 1 "Download" here.

Before you can start bookkeeping, you first need to create a new accounting file.

  • Select File/New from the main menu to create a new accounting file. 1

Before you start bookkeeping, you should familiarize yourself with the concept of information windows. Information windows serve to analyze accounting data, display receipts, offer template bookings, etc.

The following steps will show you how to customize the layout of the program to fit your individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Operating the Program

What information is available for a quick start into the program?

At first, you should read the manual. The operation of the program is explained step by step there. This is particularly recommended for users who have already worked with another accounting program.

The program also installs a help file that explains all functions. The help file is structured differently than the manual and is intended more for reference. It is not meant to replace the manual.

Open the file "example.buc" that is installed with the accounting software. There you can view some pre-made entries and reports. You can also work with the example file by deleting the example entries. The chart of accounts used is part of the SKR04 by Datev.

Use the step-by-step guide.

Why are not all transactions displayed in the reports or in the account information windows?

Filtering of booking data is a very effective method for examining accounting from different perspectives. You have two different options:

  • You can specify a date range and a cost center/classification in the top-level project tree entry to be used for filtering. To display all bookings, uncheck the "Date range" input field and delete the entry in the cost center field, for example using the delete key.
  • A booking group can be completely hidden so that no bookings from this group are considered. This is needed, for example, for test bookings or closing bookings. Hidden booking groups are displayed in gray instead of green. To activate a "gray" booking group, please mark the "evaluate" field of the project tree entry "Booking Group".

Why is the menu item "File/Print" not selectable?

Printing is possible for reports. There are a number of pre-made reports as well as reports that you can create yourself. The reports are displayed in the project tree with a -symbol. If you select this, the report appears on the right-hand side. Then the "File/Print" menu item is also activated.

Select report

How can I create the sales tax return?

To create the sales tax prepayment report, a report that performs all necessary calculations must be used. A corresponding template is included in the sample bookkeeping. To determine the date range, select the top project tree entry. There are input fields "min. date" and "max. date" where you can set the date range. Delete the entry in the classification input field if something has been selected. You can now view the report with the preview. The date range also determines the evaluation of all other reports. If you want to create additional evaluations through reports, you can switch directly to the corresponding report preview without having to adjust the date range repeatedly.

Is the program Elster-Formular supported?

The Elster-Formular program is used to transfer data to the tax office. The zero accounting program does not directly control the Elster-Formular program. Create a report within the zero accounting program and transfer the result "manually" to the Elster-Formular program to transfer the data to the tax office. Usually, this involves the VAT pre-registration, for which only two or three numerical values need to be transferred.

Elster program

Can the program be used without scanned receipts?

Of course, the program can also be used without scanned documents. This is just an additional feature that is meant to make your work easier.

Stamping scanned documents.

How can I print individual accounts?

You can print a journal or the postings of individual accounts by creating a custom report for that purpose. Select "Report folder" and from the popup menu select "New account journal". The selection of the date range and the cost center in the top-level project tree also applies to this report, so you can output, for example, monthly reports specifically.

The accounts without an account number used for structuring the chart of accounts cannot be used in the report. How can they be used for reporting?

If you don't specify an account number for an account, the smallest and largest account numbers of the sub-accounts are displayed in the project tree. This makes it more clear for organizing the project tree.

The accounts without an account number cannot be used for bookkeeping and evaluations. If you want to evaluate these accounts in a report, you have to assign an account number.

Is the currency CHF also supported?

Set the currency to CHF in the top project tree entry.

Enter currency.

How can I print the chart of accounts?

The "Accounts" folder contains a report that provides an overview of the accounts. Select this project tree entry [Report Preview] and then select Print from the File menu. This only works in a version of Zero Accounting that is newer than September 24, 2023. If you have an older version installed, you should update it.

Can I assign more than one document to a booking?

If you have more than two documents for a booking, which is actually a common occurrence, you can add an additional document reference below a booking (or multiple references). Use the "new document reference" menu item from the context menu of the "booking" project tree entry. In the "Document" project tree entry, you can then specify a reference to the additional document in the "Document" field. If the document is in the normal document folder, just specifying the file name is sufficient.

The print preview covers the project tree. How can I make it visible again?

You can close the print preview by pressing the ESC key.

How can I transfer the program with data to another computer?

  • Copy the installation folder of the program to the new computer.
  • Open the program and go to Extras/Parameters/Directories and check where the documents are stored (Document Directory). Copy the contents of this folder to the new computer.
  • Under Extras/Parameter/Directory, you will find the location of the license file. If it is not located within the program directory, you will need to copy the license file. (Only for the full version)
  • The window layout settings for extras/parameters etc. are saved in the registry. If you export the "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Buch 1.9" entry with Regedit and import it on the new computer, you can save yourself from having to note down the settings under Extras/Parameters.
  • Finally, you need to copy the file containing the booking data (extension buc or xbuc).

Error message

What should I do when I receive the error message 'unexpected file format'?

The error message "unexpected file format" indicates that the accounting file does not match the expected format. This can occur, for example, when working with different versions of the accounting software. A newer version saves data in a format that may not be opened with an older version of the software. In that case, you need to edit the file with the newer version of the software.

Perhaps the opening is also prevented by an antivirus program or the file is corrupted for another reason.

The accounting software creates a backup copy of the accounting data when saving. In case of emergency, you can use it. The backup copy has the same filename as the file containing the accounting data, but uses a different file extension. The backup copy is located in the same directory as the accounting data file.

File extension of the accounting data ".buc".

File extension of the backup copy: ".bak"

To use the backup copy, you can rename the backup copy in the file explorer by changing the file extension from ".bak" to ".buc" and then open it with the accounting program. Alternatively, you can select "File/Open" in the zero accounting program, enter "*.bak" as the file name, press Enter, and then select the backup copy. Afterward, you should save the accounting data under a different file name using "File/Save As...".

When using the backup copy, it is possible that your recent changes were not included. In this case, you will need to re-enter those bookings.

Access denied.

When saving, an error message occurs: Access denied

          The access to C:\Program Files (x86)\grips\zero\Accounting.buc was denied.

Depending on the operating system configuration, there may be difficulties with access rights if you want to save the file in the program folder during installation.

Please choose a different location to save your accounting file. It is recommended to save the file in "My Documents".


Cost centers

Managing cost centers in a hierarchy is a special feature of the Zero Accounting software. When used correctly, it provides simple but insightful analysis options. Instead of creating various accounts for each project, you can define a project as a cost center. Various projects of a customer can be arranged under the "cost center for the customer". To analyze a single project, filter the accounting by the cost center of the project. You can get an overall view of the customer by selecting the customer's cost center - without additional accounts or transactions. Only one revenue account, one liability account, etc. is needed.

Booking document

PDF-Dokumente in der Vorschau anzeigen

If you want to view PDF documents, you can use the Microsoft Webviewer. By installing this program, you can view PDF files in a normal browser without having to install Adobe Reader. You can find the installer on the following page:


Under the Evergreen Standalone Installer section further down the page, you can select the appropriate setup program.

To activate the WebViewer in Zero Accounting, select the Document View tab under Extra/Parameters . There you can activate the option Use Microsoft Webviewer and should restart the program afterwards.

Order full version

To use the freeware version, you don't need to register. The freeware can be downloaded directly from the program download page.

By registering for the full version, you support the development of the product and also receive some additional features that extend the program.

The one-time registration fee is 29.75 Euros (including 19% VAT).

To register, please fill out the following form and submit it. Afterwards, you will receive an email with your license file, an invoice in PDF format, and a link that will take you to the download of the full version. The processing of the registration data may take some time.

The data from the zero accounting freeware version can of course be further processed with the full version.

Order form


When choosing PayPal as your payment method, you will receive a payment request from PayPal along with the license file. You will not be redirected directly to the PayPal website. Payment is due only after you have received the license file.


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